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Ocean Surveys NZ ltd

The Surveyor member shall at all times maintain in force Professional Indemnity Insurance at a realistic level in accordance with the Surveyor’s work and professional status.


A Surveyor member will discharge his professional responsibility with integrity and shall at all times advise or report in a fair and factual manner without prejudice or favour.


Advices written or verbal to a Client are to be confidential to that Client and disclosure to a third party requires the permission of the client such permission to be in writing.

All details held with regard to the Client are protected under the Data protection act.


A Surveyor member shall not accept or offer any commission or other hidden payment from or to a Client or the vendor, broker or any boatyard.

The Surveyor member must disclose to the Client any pecuniary or other interest with regard to the craft prior to accepting any instruction.

If a Surveyor member is acting in a consultative capacity he must disclose any possible conflict of interest whether or not he considered this would be advantageous or detrimental to that Client’s interest.

A Surveyor member shall not agree to undertake a survey of any craft unless he
can be reasonably satisfied permission has been obtained from the Owner or broker or other agent.


Full code of Practice:

International Institute of Marine Surveying

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